What is the purpose of a Decanter?

The first purpose of a glass decanter is purely aesthetical. It is first and foremost a display piece, designed to capture the eye and present your spirit in an inviting and elegant fashion. The light refracting through the glass and liquid clarity of the whiskey/ spirits creates a beautiful vision of elegance. However, it is also said that transferring your whiskey, wine or other spirits to a glass decanter and allowing it to breath in the process, opens up new hidden flavours and notes of the drink.ed

How long does the drink last inside?

Generally speaking, the spirit will last as long as it would in a bottle which has been opened. Whiskey and similar strength spirits will last for years, whereas red wine will last as long as it would have if it remained in the opened bottle and is best to be consumed within 3-5 days.

How much do the Decanters hold?

Both decanters have a capacity of at least 28 Oz / 850ml so can easily hold a full standard sized bottle of whiskey/wine (24 Oz / 700ml)

What is the Purpose of whiskey cooling stones?

Many of us like to enjoy our whiskey/spirits with ice, but don't like the dilution that inevitably comes from the melted ice which ruins the taste. Unlike ice cubes, whiskey stones don’t melt and dilute your drink. They can also take some of the spice/bite out of the whiskey, providing a smoother well-balanced note so you can enjoy a tastier, smoother whiskey without watering down your drink.

Ideal for drinking high quality whiskey/spirits by keeping it at the perfect sipping temperature. This cooler temperature is known to unlock extra flavours in whiskey as opposed to just having at room temperature. Perfect not only for whiskey, but wine, cocktails, gin, vodka, rum etc and even soft drinks.

How do the chilling stones work?

Our cooling stones are expertly crafted with the finest stainless steel and each contain a freezing liquid agent inside for fast, effective results. Simply place the stones in our velvet pouch and leave in a freezer for 4 hours or more and then place them into your glass using our non-slip tongs and enjoy your perfectly chilled drink.

Do you offer Customised Logos?

We can offer personalised logos for large orders. Please reach out to us if you are interested to discuss.