About US

At Infused, we have a passion for whiskey, and we strive to make the whiskey drinking experience more enjoyable and savoring. Our founder, Michael is Irish so was raised on the focloir of "Uisce Beatha" or "Water of Life" in Ireland and that is where he developed his love for whiskey. He brought that passion for whiskey to our team so you might say Whiskey really is in our blood!

It is our mission to make premium quality products that we are proud of and that we believe offer our customers a chance to really experience what it is to enjoy whiskey. We believe whiskey drinking is an experience to be appreciated and strive to only create products that will enhance this.

We currently have a small range of stylish and fun whiskey decanter and whiskey chilling stone gift sets that are a must have for any whiskey or spirit lover. All of our products are entirely hand made. Whether it is the mouth blown glass, the hand-crafted pine wooden stands, the sleek yet minimalist stainless steel chilling stones or even the luxurious gift box that each product comes in, we pay attention to detail so that each set can be displayed beautifully in your home or bar. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are reliable and exceptional.

We have taken all the risk out of purchasing our products by providing a no questions asked 100% 12 month money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your product for whatever reason or if you just decide that maybe it’s just not your thing, simply let us know, send us back the product and we will refund you. Cheers to whatever you're drinking!