Here at Infused, we have a passion for whiskey, and we strive to make the whiskey drinking experience more enjoyable and savoring. We have built a range of fun and stylish whiskey decanters and whiskey cooling stones that are a must have for any spirit lover. We believe whiskey-drinking is an experience to be appreciated and so we strive to only create products that will enhance this experience in a way that we can be proud of.


Bold, Beautiful, the Best

Bold yet beautiful  - our whiskey decanters are always eye-catching and can be used as stunning display pieces to keep your whiskey fresh with the full-bodied flavours infused inside. Designed to capture the eye and present your whiskey in an inviting and classy fashion. The light refracting through the glass and liquid clarity of the whiskey creates a beautiful vision of elegance. Our decanter range includes speciality items such as golf decanters , Baseball Decanters and skull decanters

Chilling stones

Clean, Cold, the Best

Luxurious yet minimalist style cooling stones expertly crafted with the finest stainless steel for fast, effective results. Add a touch of class to enjoying your whiskey with these elegant cooling stones that are a must have for any whiskey-lover or for that special someone who is just so hard to buy for!

White elephant gift success

Such a good secret Santa gift! Was the most fought over. Would definitely recommend. 

Top quality gift, beautiful presentation, value for money

I purchased this for my boyfriend’s man cave and he is thrilled with it. It always seems to be a talking point when we have people over.
The quality of both the glass and the wooden stand is really excellent and the gift box had a really lovely finish to it. The only problem now is at all the poker games my boyfriend is having to show it off!

Wonderful detail

Fantastic quality product. Beautifully made with an authentic craftsmanship, intricate detail  and a wonderful finish. I have enjoyed this set immensely.